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Posted 28 Nov 2018

pikachu tutorial 3d sculpting

Faced with the request to create a "pretty creature", the first version of Pikachu was based on a daifuku, a traditional oval-shaped Japanese cake.The result was not convincing and they requested "a nicer character". Then, Nishida, the designer, was inspired by a squirrel, which at that time he wanted to have as a pet.The final result was the Pikachu... Continue »
carnage cinema 4d
Posted 05 Sep 2018

symbiotic carnage tutorial

carnage venom cinema 4d tutorial   The term symbiosis applies to biological interaction, to the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species. The organisms involved in symbiosis are called symbionts. In this tutorial we have Carnage, a powerful enemy of Spider Man. the tutorial is in cinema 4d and also includes project files include   comprehensive tutorial... Continue »
Posted 28 Aug 2018

Jaguar E-Pace free 3d model

E-PACE is a dynamic, agile SUV with the lines of a coupé. For a striking on road presence, E-PACE features sleek LED headlights and signature LED rear lights. To increase safety, with style, choose optional Matrix LED headlights with signature Daytime Running Lights and Animated Directional Indicators. this s free 3d model for cinema 4d , inlcude all materials... Continue »
pagani free 3d model
Posted 23 Jul 2018

pagani free 3d model

Italian manufacturer Pagani makes a variety of uber-expensive sports cars. The Zonda F Roadster has all the luxury and performance you’d expect from an Italian supercar. It also has a price that might exceed expectations. thsi s free 3d model for cinema 4d , inlcude all materials for free Continue »
Posted 12 Jun 2018

FORNITE free 3d model

Free 3d model of the Last GAMES for EPIC GAMES This time I want to share a free 3d model, it’s about the fornite game comes with textures totally free in cinema 4d and c4d model Continue »
Posted 11 Jun 2018

gluey tentacles tutorial xpresso

gluey tentacles tutorial cinema 4d In this tutorial , I’m going to demonstrate how to build an gluey tentaclesTo make the tutorial easier to follow Ive used simple geometry, but the same process would work for more complex objects the only difference would be the number of particles and the time taken to simulate. in xpresso you dont need... Continue »
Posted 16 May 2018

car paint materials studio light

car piaint maerials CAR , inlcude a lighting studio from cinema 4d for FREE , Add perfect Global lighting and reflections As in a real study. for car and 3d models , test scene and advanced render setting in cinema 4d . enjoy . . Continue »
Posted 26 Apr 2018

Thanos Gauntlet MODELING tutorial

we show in youtube directly how to do a 3d modeling of the gauntlet of Thanos,a complete tutorial from of movie the avengers infinity war. The tutorial covers a very easy sculpting and modeling for beginners. include the project files for free, enjoy it. Continue »
Posted 20 Apr 2018

thanos sculpting free tutorial

this time we show youtube directly how to do a 3d modeling of the bust of Thanos, of the movie the avengers, infinity war. The tutorial covers a very easy sculpting for beginners.include the project files for free, enjoy it. Continue »
iron spider
Posted 24 Mar 2018

iron spider tutorial

iron spider tutorial for visual effects this time we bring you the spider man costume, the iron spider, created by Tony Stark. is used in the movie the avengers to fight against thanos,This tutorial includes a modeling of 23 hours with audio, which you can not miss even a part of the tutorial it also includes how to understand... Continue »
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