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Posted 01 Mar 2017

Vampire Skull sculpting cinema 4d

I have released Maxon C4D Sculpting Volume one. As the first volume of the series says, sculpting is an amazing feature of C4D. MAXON atch, streaming, or download vampire skull sculpting cinema 4d R14 This 3d models include a free tutorial of sculpting , free proeject files and render settings . enjoy Continue »
Posted 11 Apr 2016

Goku sculpting tutorial

Goku, the hero and protagonist is an alien from the Saiyan race. It is a worshiper of martial arts and along the numerous episodes of the series faces a number of very powerful enemies from another planet, who want to destroy him and end life on Eart,you can create this character in cinema 4d, thanks to the sculpting tool.as... Continue »
Posted 29 Mar 2016

Freeze Time Explosion Cinema 4d

Freeze Time Explosion Cinema 4d tutorial In this video, we will see how the effect of freeze time is an effect that can be used in many ways, also in this tutorial we will see how to manage time tracking in cinema 4d, layers, keyframes, turbulunce etc.In short, a very complete tutorial and nothing complicated enough to help us... Continue »
Posted 20 Feb 2016

Iron man Glove tutorial

Iron man glove cinema 4d tutorial The Iron Man is a fictional powered exoskeleton worn by the cartoon character Tony Stark when he assumes the identity of superhero Iron Man, mounted wrist gauntlet with extra weapons such as laser cannons and flamethrowers blade, this fabulous scene civil war captain america movie, can be done in cinema 4d, a fantastic... Continue »
dark c4d tutorial
Posted 03 Feb 2016

Dark clouds tutorial cinema 4d

dark clouds without plugins TUTORIAL in this tutorial we will teach how to create photo realistic volumetric clouds without aid of external plug ins.In this online course we will learn how to create our own clouds with xpresso, Thinking Particles and PyroCluster, clouds are easy to use for further development in cinema 4d . . Continue »
Posted 12 Oct 2015

insect rigging basic tutorial

rigging insect in cinema 4d   learn how to modeling and rigging a insect Well you need this tutorial on an insect in particular, just find some info on rigging ,Setting up a rig for an insect should not pose any big problems. With the new technology of cinema 4d ,3 can create an insect in a matter of... Continue »
Posted 18 Sep 2015

Ed made in lightwave

Chris Jones is doing an incredible job with Ed. Seeking perfection in 3d Look at this incredible simulation of a face The project, simply called “Mr. Head”, it is still a “work in progress” according to the own designer who was not only responsible for animating the face but also to produce the music that accompanies the video. As... Continue »
Posted 08 Sep 2015

hologram tutorial in cinema 4d

Continue »
Posted 05 Sep 2015

Climate Change template

Video Preview    INCLUDE: info 3d model 100% cinema 4d For cinema 4d R14+ Complete licence include materials Realistic Render include rose Vray No need after effects Easy to customize With this template you can manage the activities of urban and environmental services and perform processes such as the solid urban waste treatment, agricultural, toxic and hazardous; the street... Continue »
Posted 31 Aug 2015

avangers ultron vfx

Avengers: Age Of Ultron wouldn’t be as awesome of a movie as it was without the effects and wizardry that these fine professionals at the three studios mentioned displayed. So, of course, it’s nice to see them get their due in the press when such a huge film manages to become a triumph of visual effects work. Continue »
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