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Posted 04 Sep 2014

thinking particles disintegration...

thinking particles intligentes is an amazing technique of animation used masterfully by Cinema 4d. In this, each polygon of any object crumbles, travels through a journey and changes its position and orientation to become another different object. in this tutorial we teach you the awesome visual effect of desintegration in cinema 4d cinema 4d script xpresso tutorial for easy... Continue »
Posted 22 Aug 2014

skeleton rigging composition

This week we have a tutorial of composition in cinema 4d and after effects. This includes the rigging easy for skeletons, and other situations with stationary objects. It is also very useful for creating animations of martial-arts sequences . Or injuries in the human body , which is a complete composition in cinema 4d and after effects. As always... Continue »
Posted 08 Aug 2014

automatic animation Xpresso Tutorial

animations of various objects in a scene is a very detailed work requiring much time, when we do an animation of a House a clock or other objects and need animations for each of the objects within that group. We need a better method that is fast and that makes automatic animations one time. That is why in cinema4d... Continue »
Posted 08 Aug 2014

free rigging Altair Assassin’s...

Altar Ibn-La ‘Ahad (1165 – 1257) was a murderer of Syria during the Middle Ages, and from 1191 until his death, the mentor of the murderers of the lift. Bred to be a murderer since its birth, Altar obtained the rank of Master killer with twenty-four years. However, after its failure to intercept the Apple to Roberto de Sable... Continue »
Posted 07 Aug 2014

free imperial star wars destroyer 3d...

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer, also known as Star Destroyer or destroyer is the backbone of the Imperial Navy. These ships are easily recognizable by its wedge-shaped, as well as its enormous bridge and their shield generators domes characteristic. Measures 1,600 meters and features of 60 Turbolasers Taim & Bak xx-9, 60 Borstel NK-7 ion cannon and 10 rays projectors... Continue »
Posted 23 Jul 2014

mapper facial rigging tutorial

The muscles of the face contribute to the opening and the occlusion of the holes of the face, the chewing and to mimic the expression. On the forehead is the frontal muscle is a muscle skin of the skull. Some authors considered the portion of the anterior muscular occipitofrontal muscle. It is innervated by the fillets of the frontal... Continue »
Posted 18 Jul 2014

house destruction dynamics tutorial

The image draws attention but remains in anecdote compared with the Flash Crash of 2010, which represented a loss of 1,000 points in the Dow Jones. The tuit false from the Associated Press by announcing an attack on the White House has caused the Tuesday a fall much lower, corrected minutes after. In this case, the reason was clear... Continue »
Posted 09 Jul 2014

advanced Liquid and Fluid Simulation...

In this opportunity we have the animation of fluids and liquids a bit more advanced, with results very realistic and a very quick render in cinema 4d And don’t need any extra plugin , only need the program cinema 4d Can be used for numerous applications to incorporate an environment very simple and practical to perform animations of liquids,... Continue »
Posted 26 Jun 2014

ice cream melting tutorial

The key to a smooth and creamy ice cream is in obtaining crystals of ice very, very small which is achieved through a process of freezing super fast at extremely low temperatures while incorporating air into the mix to make it smoother. This effect is very difficult to achieve in the world of the visual effects this time thanks... Continue »
Posted 23 Jun 2014

GODZILLA 2014 FREE 3d model

Odzilla is a film of monsters of science fiction . Double Negative i think 418 levels of visual effects for the film,Godzilla 2014 is the best movie special effects of the story.The new film comes with tremendous plus visual effectsThe film claims to restart from scratch the film Godzilla franchise to recounting the origins of the popular monster CINEMA... Continue »
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