Posted 19 Oct 2015

Natron – FREE software of...

Natron is a FREE software of composition open source cross-platform that emulates its interface and functionality to Nuke. DOWNLOAD HERE >> Continue »
Posted 28 Sep 2015

cinema 4d demoreel 2015

CINEMA 4D demorrel 2015 : everything you need for 3D animation of high quality. The more complete version of Cinema 4D includes all the features available, as well as the libraries of the Broadcast packets and visualize. An all-inclusive package to meet all the needs in all fields of application. Continue »
Posted 25 Sep 2015

free softimage 3d software Mod Tool

If you’re into game creation then you might want to check out this Softimage Mod Tool from the makers of Maya and 3ds Max. Design software company Autodesk also produces this brilliant free 3D modelling and animation package for creating and modifying non-commerical games. The software is based on the professional toolset found in Autodesk Softimage 7.5, used to... Continue »
Posted 10 Sep 2015

Murdering Katarina -Visual effects

The film is full of moments terrifying and ingenious turns … One of the best science fiction movies that we’ve seen in a long Robots, androids, and other mechanical beings of the cinema … . The science fiction film par excellence of the history of cinema   Continue »
Posted 28 Aug 2015


During the early days of pre-production, Tippett aided Trevorrow in planning the final act sequence which involves many dinosaurs and much carnage. “I had production build a HO scale model of the third act finale scene,” says Tippett. I helped Colin choreograph that. From there Colin took the ideas that he was partial to and had his previs guys... Continue »
Posted 27 Aug 2015

Fully Digital Schwarzenegger –...

Terminator Genisys required a variety of practical effects, from make-up to the T-800 endoskeleton to what production called the 84 Arnold, a full-size replica of Arnold Swarzenegger. Go behind the scenes and see how Legacy Effects brought Terminator Genisys’ ideas into the real world.   Continue »
Posted 27 Aug 2015

making Chappie Vfx

Excellent video by WIRED (hosted by Mike Seymour) full of impressive VFX breakdowns by Image Engine of their work on CHAPPIE: Maya and Shotgun Used for Chappie Vfx by Image Engine Weta Workshop then worked with Image Engine to orchestrate the files so that they would be suitable for 3D printing. “He was almost entirely 3D printed,” Continue »
Posted 26 Aug 2015

NUKE for free

Want to learn NUKE for free, at your own pace? Now you can—with newly available NUKE Non-commercial. That’s right: we’re offering free, non-watermarked versions of NUKE, NUKEX and even top-of-the-line NUKE STUDIO to anyone who wants to learn, explore and have fun! If you want to learn to composite, edit and finish with industry-leading tools, NUKE Non-commercial is for... Continue »
Posted 25 Aug 2015

making dragons in Game Of Thrones

Rhythm & Hues used Golaem Crowd to populate the Meereen fighting pit with thousands of spectators cheering at fighters and then fleeing in front of an unexpected danger. These epic shots features cheering and fleeing CG crowds made with Golaem Crowd as well as a CG dragon showing the huge expertise of Rhythm and hues on creature works. Continue »
Posted 12 Aug 2015

Google’s vfx Renderer

Zync, Google’s cloud-based visual effects rendering solution for movie houses and other VFX artists, is now entering its first beta on Google’s Cloud Platform, the now Alphabet-owned search giant announced via a blog-post. Zync, acquired by Google in August last year, is a cloud-based visual effects rendering platform which lets VFX artists work on massive softwares like Maya and... Continue »
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