Posted 07 Aug 2015

Cinema 4D Release 17 Announced!

Cinema 4D Release 17 Announced! Discover how R17 enables you to work faster and more effectively than ever before. It’s powerful new features include: New Take System. Render Layers, Render tokens, Spline Tools, a complete lens distortion workflow and much more. Cinema 4D R17’s powerful, workflow-enhancing features enable you to meet deadlines faster and with less effort. Continue »
Posted 09 Jun 2015

Real time Face Simulator

Continuing on from the remarkable research at Auckland University by Mark Sagar and his team – which we have previously highlighted here at fxguide for their incredibly impressive realtime BabyX project – Auckland Uni today released a new video highlighting the work of their Auckland Face Simulator. The project is part of the larger research group Mark Sagar heads... Continue »
Posted 20 Apr 2015

real droid BB-8 star wars (no CGI)

After launching the 2nd trailer of Star Wars, J. J. Abrams and company seized the moment to submit to BB-8, the substitute of the charismatic droid R2D2. His appearance on stage was a real surprise because everyone thought that was in the trailer it was CGI, but no, it’s for real! BB-8 is the toy of the next Christmas Continue »
Posted 17 Apr 2015

Free render man pixar software

Pixar made a big announcement yesterday, and it is not a new movie. The Pixar animation studios decided to allow you to download free Renderman, this is great news for those who are interested in the world of 3D animation, more if we believe that Renderman is the software created by engineers within Pixar, which has served to all... Continue »
Posted 27 Jan 2015

Houdini 14 ARRIVES crowds sand

The new crowd system, says Side Effects, uses artist­ friendly shelf tools along with a new packed agent primitive type, a Finite State Machine solver and hardware accelerated display of instanced crowds. The system has a seamless conduit to Houdini’s Mantra renderer and is equipped with controls for crowd layout, steering, collision avoidance, terrain adaptation, motion blending, and look­at... Continue »
Posted 24 Nov 2014

new cinema live

‘Secret Cinema’ is a community of film lovers who periodically organize themed events somewhere in the world. The last took place in London and was a homage to the movie ‘Back to the future’ (1985). Prepared a festival recreating the city on a small scale with 20 shops and 70 actors, to which must be added much of attendees... Continue »
Posted 19 Nov 2014

free fusion 7 software

In line(figure) with the buy and position of DaVinci now Blackmagic offers a version free of Merger(Fusion) 7 and lowers drastically the price of Merger(Fusion) Studio. Will the next step be any software 3D?, Lightwave perhaps?, the time will say. download free fusion here > link Continue »
Posted 18 Nov 2014

Beans making of

Very good animation(activity) realized by Cinesite, we can see the making of also. Continue »
Posted 14 Nov 2014

Flux the 3D printer that you need

Easy assembly, control via the mobile and you can print in 3D, making engravings and laser scanning objects then reproduced until bored. FLUX as well is the 3D printer that you need, a kickstarter project whose goal is more than fulfilled to 37 days to your due date. next level 3d printed in cinema 4d r17 !! Continue »
Posted 14 Nov 2014

850 meters short film

With the support of the VAF, participation of CANAL+ and tax shelter investment of BUSI (Business & Systems Integration). 850 METERS is a 14-minute animated comedy by Joeri Christiaen, produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime. They also used CINEMA 4D Continue »
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