Posted 11 Nov 2014

Animatronics VFX Showreels

The robots move and make noises, generally speaking or singing. The difference between an audio-animatronic robot and a type of android is that it works with movements and sounds pre-recorded, rather than to respond to external stimulus. Animatronic bird shows perform is to become a generic name for similar robots created by other companies to part of Disney. Continue »
Posted 07 Nov 2014

real holographic 3d hologram

Several projectors already existed with futurist pretensions but they were depending on a way or other one of something where to capture the images that they were throwing, up to today. The projector 3D Aerial Burton projects images in the air without need for screens. Little by little: The Future Continue »
Posted 06 Nov 2014

The future of the visual effects

An original promotion, discussed in Nukeros, about how the post-production in the future will be. It was created by Sokrispymedia Continue »
Posted 05 Nov 2014

awesome Snappers Facial Rig plugin

A new plugin facial rig for 3ds Max and Maya that surprised by the level that promises. We expect the same plugin for cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 04 Nov 2014

Capture facial in...

Mike Seymour deepens in the realization of the incredible work of facial capture of the Disney film Continue »
Posted 30 Oct 2014

The most powerful tráiler of The...

Arrives the first official trailer of ‘The Avengers 3 Infinity Wars’ with very powerful images of the next two movies of the saga mil-millionaire of Marvel. In which we can see many of the superheroes of the label owned by Disney in confluence within the blockbuster of next shoot. The clip is extremely revealing, since it seems to be... Continue »
Posted 30 Oct 2014

Safety video of Air NZ

As a tribute to the upcoming premiere of the end of the trilogy of the Hobbit, the official airline of New Zealand, Air NZ, commissioned Weta its new safety video, impressive! Continue »
Posted 29 Oct 2014

Yury Dovganyuk demoreel

We invite you to watch the demo reel of Yury Dovganyuk , where exhibits the best projects developed in cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 29 Oct 2014

“Duet” the new Google short...

Last week, Glen Keane, the famous animator and illustrator who has worked at Walt Disney characters such as the Little Mermaid, Tarzan, and tangled, submitted to hundreds of developers, one more possibility to enhance the interactive animation on mobile devices. This first version of Keane is only a piece of what will be the final work, which you will... Continue »
Posted 28 Oct 2014

real time 3d painter render software

Provides artists and creative, working in 3D, an intuitive tool and easy to use and add texture to paint models in 3 dimensions. You can use independently or integrate your salaa 3ds design requirements to be max, Maya, LightWave, Softimage 3D and cinema 4d Continue »
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