Posted 28 Oct 2014

Unreal Engine 4 for video games

A game engine is a term that refers to a series of programming routines that enable the design, creation and representation of a videogame. Similarly, there are game engines that operate both in gaming consoles such as in operating systems Unreal Engine is a game engine for PC and consoles created by the company Epic Games. Initially implemented in... Continue »
Posted 27 Oct 2014

amazing simulation of a face in 3D

Chris Jones is doing an incredible job with Ed. Seeking perfection in 3d Look at this incredible simulation of a face The project, simply called “Mr. Head”, it is still a “work in progress” according to the own designer who was not only responsible for animating the face but also to produce the music that accompanies the video. As... Continue »
Posted 24 Oct 2014


The Tracking is a technique used to integrate images or 3D objects in videos already recorded and in which the camera or any object moves. If for example we have a video with a bus that goes from one side to another, and we want to change the advertisement (cartel) that has this on the side, would select the... Continue »
Posted 24 Oct 2014

Facial reconstruction from video and...

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a system of facial capture video based and reference images. Motion capture (the English motion capture, motion tracking or mocap) is a technique of recording movement, in general of actors or live animals, and the relocation of that movement to a digital model, made in computer images. It is based on... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

Tráiler oficial Avengers 2

During the last Comic-Con, the assistants could see an exclusive tráiler that is presumed it might be an advance of what it will be possible to see from Tuesday, the 28th where Ultron images would be seen with a somewhat humanized form and to Hulkbuster de Tony Stark that was created to fight Hulk or any similar personage. now... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

Virtual painting Oculus Rift

A new application that takes advantage of the possibilities of the Oculus Rift. Tilt Brush enables you to paint in the space using brushes quite sophisticated. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is being developed by Oculus Imagine the possibilities in cinema 4d tutorials Continue »
Posted 22 Oct 2014

The benchmark for VideoCopilot...

In this article we will focus on talks given at the seminar from adobe in California with Andrew Kramer of videocopilot .excellent dissertation for all designers Where does work the Graphic Designer gone away(graduated) from the faculty of the Habitat(Environment)? The professional of the Graphic design will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in its formation to satisfy the... Continue »
Posted 29 Mar 2011

FREE REALISTIC EARTH 3D MODEL welcomes you. Today we are officially 100 % ready to provide you with the best visual effects tutorials, 3D animation, 3D models and more. emerges from the pressing need of learning and innovate beyond imagination. Nowadays, the visual effects career is well remunerated, at the same time, is an expensive career. For this reason, we created Continue »
Posted 24 Mar 2011

Welcome to cinema 4d tutorial . net

  Welcome to cinema4d The site specialized in 3d modeling, visual effects and tutorials. Our goal is help you learn tools, techniques and provide resources for your projects. These projects and resources can be used in films, movies, television, commercials, etc. We have an eight years experience in this industry and now the visual effects secrets are within... Continue »
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