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Posted 07 Jul 2014

Optimus Prime free 3d model

Optimus Prime is a fictional character and the protagonist of the universes of the Transformers franchise, Unicron Trilogy,is the courageous leader of the heroic Autobots, and now is a free 3 model in cinema 4d, you can use this 3d model in any work for free The history of Optimus Prime begins in the Golden Age of the planet... Continue »
Posted 03 Jul 2014

fighter combat f-15 free 3d model

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is a tactical game all time twin-engine designed by the US company McDonnell Douglas,It is considered one of the most successful modern fighte r planes with more than 100 victories without any loss in air combat closed.2 3 After reviewing the proposals, the United States Air Force selected the design of f15 this 3d... Continue »
Posted 02 Jul 2014

nanosuit free 3d model

Nanosuit CryNet (also known as costumes Nano-muscular) are powerful and extremely versatile protective suits of tactical combat. This is allowed through the capacity of the costume to adapt and absorb the energy in myriad forms, ranging from the heat, solar energy, radiation, static, kinetics, and even carbon this is really awesome and now more in cinema 4d , we... Continue »
Posted 01 Jul 2014

apple imac free 3d model

Macintosh abbreviated as Mac, is the line of personal computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Today the market share is measured by the "hits" on your browser, the sales and installed base. If you use the data obtained by the entries of browser you can use these free 3d model for yours projects in cinema 4d tutorials... Continue »
Posted 01 Jul 2014

drone 166 free 3d model

Oblivion is a film of American post-apocalyptic science-fiction based on a comic novel of Josep Konsinski When Jack is at the end is trapped inside a cave surrounded by numerous extraterrestrial, Drone 166 saves his life becoming pieces to the aliens. Now you what get into cinema 4d for free ,with vray light system for your projects Continue »
Posted 27 Jun 2014

Soccer Stadium free 3d model

We love the football all over the world knows, but travel and get to know the stages of some of the best clubs of the world The main structures that harbored Brazil 2014 World Cup, located in the most beautiful cities and its main features as headquarters this time we give you for free this awesome stadium in 3d... Continue »
Posted 24 Jun 2014

bumblebee transformer free 3d model

bumblebee transformer It is called the "little brother" of the Autobots, to strive constantly to prove that is the height of the other (especially of Optimus Prime), even if this means sometimes be placed in danger. bUmblebee alias ‘Bee’, was one of the first Autobots that he was with Optimus Prime when the ark crashed into the ground, it... Continue »
Posted 17 Jun 2014

free ipad 3d model

Now you can have the ipad 3d model free, perfect model for your animations and that includes lighting and textures in cinema 4 d, can also be used in other programs such as maya and 3dsmax Well to make it clear, the iPad is a product of Apple. That first thing. It is the Tablet PC that sells US... Continue »
Posted 25 Mar 2014

controlling FRACTURES cinema 4d...

In this tutorial we teach how to create a building collapse with cinema 4d tutorials In reality this is not that complicated, but if very laborious. the cinema 4d tutorials Within these programs, only say that so many are not necessary since a program such as cinema 4d , replaces After effects use.In the making, we can observe, it... Continue »
Posted 14 Mar 2014

transformers laser beak cinema 4d...

At the request of our friends and dearest clients, today we are going to offer a newcinema 4d tutorials transformers which is not so complex. On this occasion we are going to use one of the most beloved transformers as it is the bird laserbeak robot of the original series in the 80’s with the generation one. with this... Continue »
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