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Posted 10 Nov 2014

ultron “avengers age of...

Ultron is an android comprised for the most part of Adamantium, which is a metal ultra. It was created by Dr. Hank Pym and was conceived as a force for good able to feel and to increase their knowledge. However, their emotions were deriving toward rabies instead of toward compassion, becoming one of the greatest threaten of the Earth.... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

Skull sculpting cinema 4d

The skeleton of the head, or solid skeletal neo-facial region, is the set of the bones of the skull (Ossa cranii NAP) and the bones of the face (Ossa faciei NAPS), known as skull in colloquial terms, although anatomically is the head bone, the skull being a part of the head. It is common for skull designate the whole... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

zerg baneling Sculpting cinema 4d

A baneling is that unity zerg which kills all the Terran who do not know the factory, that is to say, the 80% ,the banelins are the worst monster creation nothing earth can withstand a ball of banelings this is a free sculpturing tutorial for in cinema 4d In addition we inlcude the project file to your download free Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

Majin Boo dragon ball sculpting cinema...

only known in Spain as Bubu or Monster Bu anime), and in the anime and editions Latin America as Majin Buu manga, is a fictional series of manga and anime Dragon Ball Z character. His name, along with the of its creator, Bibidi, and the son of the same and whom Babidi, frees them, are a play on words... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

kamino alien sculpting cinema 4d

The grey, aliens, there are many dimensional levels, not only in the third dimensional level, they are little people a little more than 1.20 metres tall, with very large heads and large eyes, and gray skin In ufology, grays, also called the extraterrestrials of Roswell and Los Zetas Reticulianos, are some of the alleged various forms of extraterrestrial life... Continue »
Posted 23 Oct 2014

zerg star craft Sculpting cinema 4d R16

Led by the cunning Queen of swords, the Zerg are looking for trigger its horrors aliens across the galaxy and amenzan with consume to anyone who is passing through its path. When the Zerg arrived for the first time to the Koprulu sector, were united under the absolute obedience to the collective wisdom known as the supreme mind. This... Continue »
Posted 22 Oct 2014

Sculpting Werewolf in cinema 4d...

The werewolves are werewolves that have traits of human and wolf. They are greatly feared by their aggressiveness and their evil nature. A wolf man has three forms of licantropia; the human, the hybrid between human and wolf, and Lobo. In his humanoid form is entirely indistinguishable from the rest of humans. Their size, intelligence and other features are... Continue »
Posted 26 Sep 2014

free metal materials pack cinema 4d...

You don´t have to create a metale material, that you do giving you click the button that says lib.c4d within the editor of materials you select materials and there, and then between the options of this material you are looking for the option reflect and give a number that it’s convenient, that is for the object to which you... Continue »
Posted 04 Aug 2014


The Earth (Terra, latin name of Gea, greek deity of femininity and fertility) is a planet of the Solar System that rotates around the star in the third orbit more internal. It is the most dense and the fifth largest of the eight planets of the Solar System. It is also the largest of the four terrestrial.The Earth was... Continue »
Posted 28 Jul 2014

pirate ship free 3d model

Piracy is a practice of organized looting or banditry maritime, probably as old as the navigation itself. Is that a private boat or a mutinous state attacks another in international waters or in places not subject to the jurisdiction of any State, with the purpose of stealing your workload, ransom by passengers, made into slaves and many times after... Continue »
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