free 3d models

Posted 08 Dec 2017

free skin materials

database of skin materials in cinema 4d where you can find thousands of possibilities. Don’t stay with the first thing that you’re given that there may be more options with better finish and result in your body skins. Continue »
Posted 30 Nov 2017

Millennium Falcon FREE 3d model

The Millennium Falcon is a YT-1300F Corellian Light Freighter spaceship in the Star Wars universe commanded at one time by Corellian smuggler Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew). Designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC), the highly modified freighter is stated as being the second fastest vessel in the Star Wars canon. Continue »
Posted 18 Oct 2017

free 3d town model

There is a strange feeling when one sees images of ghost towns. In the end, these are spaces that used to be inhabited … enjoy this free 3d model town in cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 17 Oct 2017

free plastic materials for cinema 4d

a wonderful collection of plastic materials for cinema 4d, ready for your render, you can change the color that you like, ideal for vfx projects and 3d works. totally free always on Continue »
Posted 17 Jun 2016

Realistic Hand Rigged free3D Model c4d

Realistic male Hand Rigged 3D Model available on cinema 4d ,Very clean topology and geometry with only quad polygons Bones / Joints Rigged ready for animation Realistic very details High Res Textures , this is a free 3d mnodel for cinema 4d , enjoy Continue »
Posted 06 Nov 2015

free cartoon materials

This time we give you materials cartoon for your projects, many combinations to create cartoons, anime, and other projects, only in cinema 4 d tutorials Continue »
Posted 14 Oct 2015

HDRI free scene cinema 4d

HDRI It is a lighting system on the final render that combines the environment with the lights getting renders with a finish very real in what reflections environmental concerns We give you for free this awesome scene HDRI for cinema 4d , no flicker!! Continue »
Posted 12 Oct 2015

glass materials free cinema 4d

Download this free material of architectural glass material. for cinema 4d we shows you how to create a glass three different ways in cinema 4d are great for architectural renders enjoy this free 3dmaterials in cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 03 Jun 2015

minecraft free 3d model

Minecraft es el mejor sandbox de todos, el mas libre, es un juego, donde no hay objetivo claro, solo sobrevivir y dejarte llevar con tu imaginacion contrsuyendo. como es eso?? :S Solo imagina que estas en un mundo desconocido, solo y con la posibilidad de morir, osea debes sobrevivir! enjoy this free 3d model minecraft in cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 06 Apr 2015

hair materials free

The hair (and layer of hair, called fur) is a unique feature of the mammals. No other creature possesses genuine hair, and all mammals presented at least some hairs in some stage of their lives. The hairs grow from inside pre of the skin called follicles. now in cinema 4d tutorials we give you for free this awesome collection... Continue »
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