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Posted 12 Dec 2014

free christmas tree 3d model

The Christmas tree is a decorative element, typical of the feast of Christmas. Traditionally it is often used a conifer evergreen, among them species of fir (Abies nordmanniana) and pine (picea excelsa).1 2 currently is also very popularized the use of artificial trees, plastic and other synthetic materials. It is decorated with ornaments such as beads of colored glass... Continue »
Posted 10 Dec 2014

free 3d model grass vray

Plant that lacks a persistent woody stem on the ground level. Does not produce wood and never is large as a shrub or a tree. F. Plant small tender stem that live one or two years. Set of many of these plants that are born in one place. this is s free 3d model for cinema 4d enjoy Continue »
Posted 09 Dec 2014

free 1000 materials cinema 4d

As you can see is a database of materials in cinema 4d where you can find thousands of possibilities. Don’t stay with the first thing that you’re given that there may be more options with better finish and result in your compositions. I have collected more than 1000 materials that I offer you for not having to search for... Continue »
Posted 08 Dec 2014

organics materials pack free

The fundamental tissues of the human body Is the surface of the body, covering form cavities and glands. It is characterized by: -The close relationship between their cells, still a little intercellular substance. -The coat free surfaces or cavities, is located between these and the connective tissue. -Has special intercellular junctions that kept separate compartments before mentioned, therefore create... Continue »
Posted 03 Dec 2014

Christmas Decoration free 3d models

The Christmas Decoration is the decoration that is done in the houses and in the cities during the epoch of Christmas and the Advent. The most typical element in the houses is the nativity scene and the Christmas tree. In the cities there are usually the lights of bulbs that remember different Christmas motives. enjoy thos 3d models in... Continue »
Posted 02 Dec 2014

Christmas Ornaments 3d models free

The effort to make the ornaments can form one of the Christmas celebrations of a family, together with adorn the christmas tree and fit the Bethlehem. Below are some ideas on how to make Christmas ornaments very simple: Ornaments for the christmas tree Christmas decorations for the home Christmas decorations to the outside There are many ideas and crafts... Continue »
Posted 02 Dec 2014

lightsaber star wars the force awakens

The teaser of Star Wars Episode VII: the awakening of the Force continues to make a lot to talk about and, in particular, the lightsaber that carried the new Sith Lord. Through the Facebook account in No More Heroes, Suda 51 has presumed to have been inspired by this new model of sable. It is no stranger to Star... Continue »
Posted 01 Dec 2014

free fluorescent light tubes scene

At present the fluorescent lamps have become the means of lighting of more widespread use in shops, offices, public places, houses, etc. However, not all people know how they work, as they emit light without generating little heat, or how they can develop more lumens per watt (lm/W) with lower power consumption, as compared to incandescent lamps in equality... Continue »
Posted 27 Nov 2014

cinema 4d grass

With a background in the Latin language (pastus), grass is the general name receiving various herbs. Grass is the food plant that grows in the ground of the fields and that is intended to feed their animals. Livestock, therefore, has its basis in the grass. This allows food nourish the cattle of economic and simple way: sheep, goats, cows,... Continue »
Posted 27 Nov 2014

free fabric materials for cinema 4d

A cloth is a flexible plate composed of many strands that intertwine in a regular manner and alternative along the entire length. The fabrics can be woven pieces in the loom similar or those that are formed by series of aligned points or loops made with the same yarn. this is a awesome materiasl collection of . enjoy... Continue »
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