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Posted 26 May 2015

galaxy thinking particles tutorial

galaxy thinking particles cinema 4d tutorials   Outer space is a fascinating place and mysterious for many of us. There are few of the things that we know and many that we would like to know. The majority that we are aware of the planet Earth is located in a galaxy called Milky Way and secure that also at... Continue »
robot face tracking
Posted 15 Apr 2015

projection tracking robot face cinema...

projection tracking robot face cinema 4d   Today we are going to see an effect that is seen in the films such as artificial intelligence or terminator , and that is the motion tracking.  It consists in the follow-up to objects by tracking specific points and can be used to perform effects, as well as for the stabilization of... Continue »
DRAGON Game of Thrones
Posted 01 Apr 2015


DRAGON Game of Thrones TUTORIAL in cinema 4d With a shortage on dragons running around in the wild, the Game of Thrones crew had to get creative with creating these mythical creatures. In comes to cinema 4d tutorials . this tutorial gives an inside look at how their team brought to life Daenerys Targaryen’s adolescent dragons. The scales of... Continue »
Posted 15 Dec 2014

wireframe material cinema 4d tutorials

This is a Wireframe rendering algorithm that it is a semi-transparent image, which are only drawn the edges of the mesh, which constitutes the object. Hence its name. Almost never used in the final rendering of an image, but if in your edition, due to the limited computational power needed (compared with other methods). To get an image in... Continue »
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