Snow White – mirror tutorial

Posted 17 Apr 2012   tutorials c4d

This time , the cinema 4d tutorials , recreate the scene "transformation of the mirror" inspired by the movie "snow white and the huntsman" a very complicated scene which we wanted to share with you , "the 3d melt" This vfx is widely used in movies like Terminator 2, 3 , The abyss and games like silent hill , and WOW , and tv shows like LOST, Heroes , GAME OF THRONES. cinema 4d is a very complete and professional 3d program as you can see has the ability to create a 3D fusion, without the software “reafflow”

How to model the entire scene
How to create materials with textures (vray materials)
For Basic to Advanced users
Tutorial include different clothes effects
how to create a composition and lighting in cinema 4d
Project Files Included cinema 4d settings (vray no flicker)
3d mirror models (include animation clothes)
After Effects template (and color correction composition settings)


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