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Posted 23 Oct 2012   tutorials c4d

To celebrate 2 years of cinema 4d tutorials, we have a lot of special offers to share with our clients and friends, cinema 4d tutorials has grown up fast over the past two years to become the most important site of visual effects tutorials,

Many of our customers are freelancers or working in big companies like ILM ,digital domain, double negative , pixar , the mill and and many more.
and others, are forming their own companies.

“I studied art for 4 years , then I wanted to learn animation and Visual effects,
but it is a very expensive career in my country ,but thanks to you ,
I’m learning a lottttttt :)”
Jhon Gordon , best wishes from Canada

“Took years studying cinema 4d , but just the basics, in sites like youtube , and personal tutorials , and always wanted to know how to do
the wonderful effects of transformers or iron man. now I bought the two tutorials, and I’m very happy with the upgrade of my skills ”
Wan Pa . Korea

“we are very happy for your help and technical support , many of us come from VFX companies.
and now, we have formed a small company and we already have 5 months , and is going really well for us,
Although a lot of work to do harm to the health :P thanks for the awesomes tutorials .
berst regards : Uma , Naisha , Mishka, Rania INDIA :)

we learn from them and they learn from us.
also want to thank MAXON ,for giving us the best 3d program in the world, that is cinema 4d :

choose the tutorial that you like

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