pegasus rigging wings c4d tutorial

Posted 09 Jan 2014   tutorials c4d

the creation of for all types of bird wings, is very complicated.
but this time we try to do it the easiest way with cinema 4d.
This time we use a mythological creature such as pegasus, well known in movies such as clash of the Titans or saint seiya.
We give an explanation and teach you of the process of creating a feather to introduce the system of bones and animation and composition in after effects.
next ,you already then you can create your own wings more complicated with more feathers
in this process, you will also find the use of the correct composition, also included in the project files.

cinema 4d modeling and textures feather

create easy animation wings
include project files cinema 4d textures and examples
also inlcude after effects project files composition and color correction