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Posted 10 Feb 2014   free stuff

CINEMA 4Dis a 3d design software, the most complete on the marke, You can model, animate, sculpt, give texture, etc.
MAXON has just presented cinema 4d download Release 15 (R15) redefining and improving the previous packages of the brand, the 3D animated graphics, visual effects, the paint and the provision of workflow software.
As you see CINEMA 4 d is having pull above all for television and for small advertising agencies that will-gear

New and improved characteristics include the modeling 3D, animation(activity) and renderizado functions of flow of work and progress of yield, available so much for Mac OS X and Windows.
Modeling Improvements

MAXON has a higher productivity of modeling in CINEMA 4D, introducing entirely new interactive chamfered to improve the handling and control over the edges of objects and the curves to add depth and dimension to designs and ensure that the resulting meshes are clean and correct.
Best typographic Tools
CINEMA 4D R15 continues to raise the experience of typographic design of the significant handover, text editing and control capabilities through MoText and Splines directly in the text view 3D. New by using kerning and tracking tools that can be applied with effectors MoGraph or used in XPresso and edit at any time to create complex typography and animation
Modeling dynamic – Improving tools to sculpt with finesse, this tool can be used directly in any polygonal model.

Texture Manager – provides new and powerful management tools of texture to fix broken links.

Grass Architectural – Based on the powerful engine of hair and skin of CINEMA 4D, the new features of the herb material allows users to simulate and add the herb to any object within CINEMA 4D Release 15.

CINEMA 4D Release 15 will be released in September 2013 through MAXON and its authorized distributors. Prices and additional upgrade information is available at