xpresso rigging Mechanical Robot

Posted 22 Feb 2014   tutorials c4d

in this tutorial , we will learn how, how to do the rigging in cinema 4d tutorial, for this process we use a very simple tool that is the xpreso which we have two different versions from the cinema 4d r14 for forward. We also teach how to do the cabling system that sometimes we become a little more complicated. This robot is very used in movies such as Elysium, Robocop, and games like gear of war or halo.
(Note) this tutorial is not about modeling the robot , is about how to connect the different parts of the robot to the animation.
As always include the robot with rigging valued at $150 in the market for 3d with its configuration without flicker vray

cinema 4d modeling basic shapes

group child xpresso,cables dynamics tutorial
include robot rigging and vray setting scene