mograph sound effects hologram tutorial

Posted 02 Apr 2014   tutorials c4d

this time we bring you a tutorial of holograms in 3d with cinema 4d tutorials like the dj emulator elite , Controllers based on touch screens that use an adapted version of Traktor Audio
, This time we create a futuristic scene , a holographic console with menus created in 3d projector.
and this time we use a few control panel more advanced with mograph and xpresso.
the sequence is more exact generating graphic frequencies that it is very difficult to generate with only mograph.
In cinema 4d tutorials we specialize in professional and advanced tutorials for those who demand real tutorials.
and not simply to do simple tutors, since all that can be in the bookstores of the proper movie theater 4d.

cinema 4d modeling building and setup dynamics

xpresso tutorial target collapsing
include project files,render settings and cinema 4d textures