fracture object in cinema 4d

Posted 11 Apr 2014   tutorials c4d

this time we bring you this awesome tutorial ,how to break and fracture objects in Cinema4D , we can use the same technique to fracture objects like earthquakes or disasters in Cinema 4D tutorials for your own personal projects like movies or tv shows
it’s very important to note that this technique is quick, and relatively easy
I may do a more depth tutorial later on focusing on dust effect and thinking particles
you can create a pretty nice fracture animation.
Using MoGraph Fracture for Dynamics objects in Cinema 4D and turbulnce FD pluguin
Cinema 4D is very similar like 3ds Max , Houdini, Blender and Maya to make the fracture engine.
For the sequence, created land masses disappearing into the ground.

cinema 4d modeling and setup background

xpresso tutorial target fractures object
include project files,render settings ( no flicker) and cinema 4d scene