cinema 4d hologram city tutorial

Posted 16 Apr 2014   tutorials c4d

This is a tutorial very useful for all designers and creators of effects Special Visual City hologram is well known and is very difficult to find tutorials for this effect
but in we know what you need and for this all of our technical team works every week to bring you the latest tutorials on cinema 4 d and everything related to the VFX.
in this tutor we tell step by step how to create this fabulous hologram, for this alone we need the program movie theater 4d. then it is very simple to be still the tutor.
very Cool basics mograph and xpresso to creating city Holograms
we can extruded shapes to assign to the city building. It simply and easy

cinema 4d 3d city project and setup background

xpresso tutorial target spline
include project files,render settings and materilals ( no flicker) and cinema 4d scene