cell and virus medical animation in cinema 4d tutorials

Posted 24 Apr 2014   tutorials c4d

in cinema 4d tutorials This time we teach you how to make those fantastic medical sequences that you see in movies
The cells of the human body represented by objects in 3d, are the most sought after forms in these days
The cell is the anatomical, functional and genetic unit(unity) of the living beings. and the virus is a microscopic organism as fascinating as dangerously for the human beings this tutor is very useful so much for students and followers of movie theater 4d
Seen in films such as Prometheus Dr. house and various documentaries of the discovery channel they represent 30 % of the visual effects seen in television

cinema 4d modeling and setup cells

xpresso tutorial target cells
include project files,render settings, after effects color correction( no flicker) and cinema 4d scene