batmobile dark knight cinema 4d Free tutorial

Posted 25 Apr 2014   free tutorials

Here we’ll show you how for free how to model one of the best cars ever built as is the batmobile, This car looks like a tank and was designed by Nathan Crowley. In fiction it is a prototype designed by Wayne Enterprises for military use with unique characteristics.
For the filming of the above mentioned tapes five units were constructed to realize the different captures.
In the latter delivery of the gentleman of the night, this Batimóvil literally will demolish, without being a bird, not a plane and much less Supermán.
it has no mark it is supposed that it is a prototype of wayne’s tank enterprises that lucius gives fox to bruce and it already conditions it to its needs
There are more than 15 hours of tutorial of how to model in cinema 4d is one of the most long tutorials on the internet and is free for all fans of cinema 4d tutorials.
and we give them also the batimobile for free in c4d, so that they could do comparisons with its work
this tutorial is designed for all types of users, from advanced to beginner.
And is free to download and immediately without intermediaries