Flock of Birds animation in cinema 4d tutorials

Posted 30 Apr 2014   tutorials c4d

To contemplate a very numerous birds flock is one of the most fascinating spectacles of the nature.
In the case of the flocks of birds, each group member receives an additional thrust on their wings due to the ascendancy of air generated by other birds

This tutorial teaches you step by step how to achieve this visual effect.
It is a curious glance to the birds when they demolish… especially to see them when they fly in flock .
now you can recreate this vfx in cinema 4d tutorials.
only you need your cinema4d software. also This effects can be applied to any class of object or particle in general
The manipulation of particles in xpresso and thinking particles is now very easy with cinema 4d

cinema 4d modeling birds

xpresso tutorial and thinking particles
include project files,render settings, ( no flicker) and cinema 4d scene