branching network version 2.0 with thinking particles

Posted 30 May 2014   tutorials c4d

This is the second part of the walkthrough of branching network version 2.0
This time we deep over the use of xpresso, thinking particles , and mograp to create the only effect that can be used in any project.
The use of holograms and particles is very used in the science fiction movies.When you want a 3d effect that can not be done in after effects is where we fall back on the 3d software.
Where we can control the number of particles , edit freely and very smooth all the effects in a single scene Without layers or side effects .
With cinema 4d r14 and R15 work in xpresso is simpler and more intuitive .

cinema 4d modeling mapsnd xpresso setup

thinking particles tutorial with mograph
include project files,render settings, ( no flicker)