Giant Spider Compositing in cinema 4d

Posted 12 Jun 2014   tutorials c4d

This week we are going to teach step by step how to make a giant spider, in cinema 4d
We are going to explain the entire process that includes ,modeling , sculpt, paint the texture , create the scene , easy rigging , animation , render ,composition, post production And other tips that will help you much on your projects in visual effects.
In cinema 4d we can create many of these effects without the need to use complicated compositions in different layers.
Formerly was renders in different layers, this toward the longer process.
And you needed knowledge of light , and reflections and other technical aspects .
In this tutorial we show you all the steps used in the great films of visual effects

cinema 4d modeling, sculpting, boddy paint

easy rigging and animation , tips and material setup
include project files,render settings ( no flicker),color correction and compositing