3d matte paint in cinema 4d

Posted 20 Jun 2014   tutorials c4d

In this tutorial we’re going to show you the techniques for a matte paint advanced 3d
For this we are going to need several tools and programs such as after effects and cinema 4d
The first thing we are going to do will be to analyze our video , in this case we have some mountains.
the matte paint it is much used in the movies like the Lord of the Rings, or sherlock holmes
very elementary knowledge is this type of sequences in 3d
Then step by step we will explain the process of creating a 3d plate in this scenario in cinema 4d.
A fully 3d plate without flicker and without errors.
Then we will implement the matte paint in after effects, and some tips in cinema 4d tutorials

cinema 4d tracking sistem , and 3d layer

3d composition in real 3d matte paint
include project files,render settings, ( no flicker tracking )