predator drone free 3d model

Posted 22 July 2014   free 3d models, free stuff, free tutorials

Not crewed air vehicle (VANT) or dron is an airship(airplane) that flies without crew.

Although there are vant for civilian use newly certified, as the FT-ALTEA, are also used in military applications, where they are called unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV by its name in English. To distinguish the Vant of missiles, a Vant is defined as a reusable vehicle without crew, able to maintain a level of controlled and sustained flight, and powered by a motor of explosion or reaction. Therefore, the cruise missiles are not considered Vant because, like most of the missiles, the vehicle itself is a weapon that cannot be reused, in spite of the fact that it is also not manned and in some cases guided remotely.

this 3d model is for cinema 4d only , inlcude textures and maps , for free