Human Anatomy free 3d model

Posted 27 August 2014   free 3d models, free stuff

The human anatomy is the science of a practical nature and morphological mainly devoted to the study of the macroscopic structures of the human body; thus leaving the study of tissues to histology and cells to cytology and cell biology. The human anatomy is a special field within anatomy general (animal).

Under a systematic view, the human body – such as the bodies of animals-, is organized into different levels according to a hierarchy. As well, is composed of appliances. They are integrated systems, which in turn are composed of organs, which are composed of tissues, which are formed by cells, which are formed by molecules, etc. , others visions (functional, morphogenetic, clinic, etc. ), under other criteria, understand the human body a little differently.
this awesome 3d model is free and inlcude textures and shaders in cinema 4d ;)