Sculpting Werewolf in cinema 4d tutorials

Posted 22 Oct 2014   free tutorials

The werewolves are werewolves that have traits of human and wolf. They are greatly feared by their aggressiveness and their evil nature.

A wolf man has three forms of licantropia; the human, the hybrid between human and wolf, and Lobo.

In his humanoid form is entirely indistinguishable from the rest of humans. Their size, intelligence and other features are the same as those of any man.
In her hybrid form has characteristics of both man and wolf. His body is covered with hair, legs shorter (although its total size is usually about 30 cm higher than in its human form), the head of wolf, of human hands and a short tail. You can walk to 4 legs or upright.

now  in cinema 4d tutorials , you can create this awesome creature with sculpting