Majin Boo dragon ball sculpting cinema 4d

Posted 23 Oct 2014   free tutorials

only known in Spain as Bubu or Monster Bu anime), and in the anime and editions Latin America as Majin Buu manga, is a fictional series of manga and anime Dragon Ball Z character. His name, along with the of its creator, Bibidi, and the son of the same and whom Babidi, frees them, are a play on words referring to the Disney film Cinderella and the famous magic words of the fairy godmother, Bibidi Babidi Boo. It is the last great enemy faced in dragon ball Z heroes, a monster pink with the ability to absorb people, after which changes shape and becomes more powerful, acquiring its power and special abilities. In addition, can imitate them techniques of their adversaries with so only observe them a single time.

This 3d models include a free tutorial of sculpting , free proeject files and render settings . enjoy