zombie tutorial CINEMA 4D

Posted 21 Nov 2014   free 3d models,free tutorials

cinema 4d tutorials Zombie Infected :

.There are many theories out there about how they could exist, failed experiments, the fury of nature … This kind of zombies are potentially dangerous, are not dead, why not think about the myth that they are at risk and that jump or that desangrandolos can be eliminated,to be killed their cells die, therefore, not breathing, rot (a very harmful effect on a fight against a necrofago may be missing its stench) ,have only one region activated in the brain that dominate their primitive instincts, find food, hunt and feed,the little co-ordination and its rapidly come to have in your party may is dead,the post Morten obliges him to have this stiffness in the body, a human has a 90% Of agility more than a Z , that should be a basic rule for any combatant,dead cells ,eliminates a large part of the functions that were as human,breathing,the circulatory system, the endocrine … but do not think that it makes coup , a body from dead breaks down slowly
this awesome tutorial how to sculpting a zombie is free sculpting modeling for CINEMA 4D
In addition we inlcude the 3D MODEL zombie project file, materials and renders settings