Posted 01 Apr 2015   cinema 4d tutorials

DRAGON Game of Thrones TUTORIAL in cinema 4d

With a shortage on dragons running around in the wild, the Game of Thrones crew had to get creative with creating these mythical creatures. In comes to cinema 4d tutorials . this tutorial gives an inside look at how their team brought to life Daenerys Targaryen’s adolescent dragons.
The scales of Drogon are green, with the horns and the backbone of the color of blood and his eyes two fiery red wells. It is the largest and most aggressive of the three dragons. The flame of Drogon is black with streaks and its heat can be felt to thirty meters away. His flapping sounds like thunder.
you can learn , modeling dragon, sculpting dragon , body paint and the correct rigging for the wings and the dragon controls.
As always this is a exclusive tutorial of cinema 4d tutorials .
also include projects files and the dragon!!

hulkbuster tutorial
  • include


  • 13 hours tutorial

  • 3d modeling

  • uv edit

  • sculpting

  • boddy paint

  • rigging controls

  • lighting settings

  • animation

  • material tutorial

  • include project files