projection tracking robot face cinema 4d tutorial

Posted 15 Apr 2015   cinema 4d tutorials,tutorials c4d

projection tracking robot face cinema 4d


Today we are going to see an effect that is seen in the films such as artificial intelligence or terminator , and that is the motion tracking.
 It consists in the follow-up to objects by tracking specific points and can be used to perform effects, as well as for the stabilization of videos.
we  are going to learn how to use the mapping tools and "Follow Movement" (Track Motion). We are going to link a person’s head, taken from a video, with the head of a robot, created in 3d . This is a very fun tutorial we will succeed with a spectacular effect and that allows us plenty of options. Throughout the video will explain various concepts on the program that will help us to understand it better and will give us tools for future work. We will cover items such as layers, compositions, tracking, keyframes, mapping etc. The level of knowledge that we will use in this tutorial is medium, however is explained step by step that everyone can follow.
also include projects files, videos and the facerobot!!

hulkbuster tutorial

  • include


  • hd video tutorial

  • 3d tracking

  • uv edit

  • projection mapping

  • boddy paint

  • vray render

  • animations tips

  • lighting scene

  • material texture

  • include project files and video footage