airplane engine fire tutorial

Posted 11 May 2015   tutorials c4d

airplane turbine engine fire cinema 4d tutorial


A aeronautical engine or aircraft engine is one that is used for the propulsion of aircraft through the generation of a thrust force. There are different
types of aircraft engines although are divided into two basic classes: reciprocal engines (or piston) and reaction. Recently, thanks to the development of the NASA and other agencies, has also begun the production of electric motors for aircraft that operate with photovoltaic solar energy.
this time we bring you this awesome 3d tutorial in cinema 4d also include projects files, turbulence files and vray settings


hulkbuster tutorial
  • include


  • 2 hours tutorial

  • turbulance tutorial

  • particle tutorials

  • vray light

  • after effects composition

  • animation

  • channel alpha

  • include project files

  • color correction