Free Texture kit wood parquet 4k hd

Posted 30 Mar 2017   tutorials c4d

Over 50 amazing custom professional Cinema 4D Materials WOOD PARQUET in high quality in real 4k ,also you can export this materials to element3d in after effects
collection unique textures and seamless pattern texture in HD for any project
only drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene. These materials work in the C4D Physical and Standard advanced renderer. Texture Kit WOOD PARQUET includes all materials for Cinema 4D also Element3d
Not only that, we included a scene render for your projects . a realistic render setting in cinema 4d

how to install lib4 in cinema4d

go to your program folder in aplications, inside cinema 4d – library/browser/
and in there you just drag and drop it!

how to export to element 3d

you must allow the additional polygon data to be available by turning on the "Save Polygons For Melange" checkbox from the Cinema 4D file Preferences.
On R16 you can check the "Save Animation For Melange"
This will work as if you were importing an OBJ file, so it will not keep material settings or animations in tact
for more information visit this link