hippogriff warcraft FEATHER tutorial

Posted 20 Sep 2017   tutorials c4d

hippogriff warcraft tutorial cinema 4d

A hippogriff is a magical animal that is obtained when crossing a horse with a tap. Therefore they have the head, wings and front claws of a giant eagle and body, hind legs and ponytail.
this time we have a complete tutorial on how to create pens, and we implemented it in a fantasy creature like the hippogriff, the tutorial includes the
modeling of the object from scratch, and we continue with the mesh of uv, and we continue with the body paint, this time we give more emphasis to the body paint seeing new tools of this praderosa tool, we also see the aspects of creating feathers in the wings and the body with a very simple bones system in xpresso, finishing make the composition in after effects for color.
as always include all project files as reference images and reference material in cinema 4d tutorial .net

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