boing 777 plane crash – project

The last part of the tutorial is charged, in addition, it includes the 3D models, 3D animation, textures, After Effects project files, Vray settings and more.

How to make a realistic plane crash scene.

Check out our latest and fabulous tutorial on how to create a airplane crash. Have you wonder how they do it in the movies? Here we this tutorial can help you create your own crash scene and animation!



This project includes:

1.Cinema4d project files

a) 3D Model
b) 3D Scene and landscape
c) 3D Animation
d) Textures
e) Materials/Shaders
f) Render settings (VRAY)
g) Video tutorial

2. Adobe After Effects project files

a) Compositing
b) Visual effects
c) Video tutorial





The movie’s and film’s visual effects secrets
are now at your disposal.

The project includes:
first 6 FREE Video tutorials
+ Continuation 5 Video tutorials



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