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Posted 02 Dec 2014

Christmas Ornaments 3d models free

The effort to make the ornaments can form one of the Christmas celebrations of a family, together with adorn the christmas tree and fit the Bethlehem. Below are some ideas on how to make Christmas ornaments very simple: Ornaments for the christmas tree Christmas decorations for the home Christmas decorations to the outside There are many ideas and crafts... Continue »
Posted 02 Dec 2014

lightsaber star wars the force awakens

The teaser of Star Wars Episode VII: the awakening of the Force continues to make a lot to talk about and, in particular, the lightsaber that carried the new Sith Lord. Through the Facebook account in No More Heroes, Suda 51 has presumed to have been inspired by this new model of sable. It is no stranger to Star... Continue »
Posted 01 Dec 2014

free fluorescent light tubes scene

At present the fluorescent lamps have become the means of lighting of more widespread use in shops, offices, public places, houses, etc. However, not all people know how they work, as they emit light without generating little heat, or how they can develop more lumens per watt (lm/W) with lower power consumption, as compared to incandescent lamps in equality... Continue »
Posted 27 Nov 2014

cinema 4d grass

With a background in the Latin language (pastus), grass is the general name receiving various herbs. Grass is the food plant that grows in the ground of the fields and that is intended to feed their animals. Livestock, therefore, has its basis in the grass. This allows food nourish the cattle of economic and simple way: sheep, goats, cows,... Continue »
Posted 10 Nov 2014

ultron “avengers age of...

Ultron is an android comprised for the most part of Adamantium, which is a metal ultra. It was created by Dr. Hank Pym and was conceived as a force for good able to feel and to increase their knowledge. However, their emotions were deriving toward rabies instead of toward compassion, becoming one of the greatest threaten of the Earth.... Continue »
Posted 20 Oct 2014

500 free materials for cinema 4d

Collection of over 500 free materials for cinema 4d Includes , metal , fluid , painting , plastic and many more this awesome 3d materials l is free for cinema 4d please share Continue »
Posted 10 Sep 2014

light studio cinema 4d free

It makes no sense Grammatically, but photographically is the characteristic of any study. This is a curved background that makes the times of wall and floor, without any perceived union. In the larger studies are mounted permanent ramps, but many professionals prefer tarpaulins or large sheets of paper, this awesome 3d studio is free for cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 05 Sep 2014

house free 3d model

this house is a building built to be inhabited. Can be organized into one or multiple floors: normally not surpassing three heights. You can also have a basement, or a basement, and a top cover or passable called rooftop terrace. If you have enough field, may also have patio and garden. this awesome 3d model free inlcude in cinema... Continue »
Posted 27 Aug 2014

Human Anatomy free 3d model

The human anatomy is the science of a practical nature and morphological mainly devoted to the study of the macroscopic structures of the human body; thus leaving the study of tissues to histology and cells to cytology and cell biology. The human anatomy is a special field within anatomy general (animal). Under a systematic view, the human body –... Continue »
Posted 04 Aug 2014


The Earth (Terra, latin name of Gea, greek deity of femininity and fertility) is a planet of the Solar System that rotates around the star in the third orbit more internal. It is the most dense and the fifth largest of the eight planets of the Solar System. It is also the largest of the four terrestrial.The Earth was... Continue »
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