“car accident” slow Motion Dynamics

Posted 06 Feb 2012   tutorials c4d

In this tutorial we will learn how to create realistic dynamic simulations and particle effects with cinema 4d and xplode techniques.
These vfx, are frequently used in films like :casino royal 007, 2012, transformers, avengers,iron man,hulk etc. If you want realistic collisions, dynamics, and Rigid Body simulation, this is your chance to learn VFX now , only at cinema4dtutorial.net

How to model the chassis (note: does not include tutorial for modeling 3d car Audi R8)
How to create a car accident with dynamics in cinema 4d (3d car Audi R8 included)
Tutorial included techniques for particles explosion (with x-plode)
Files project Included vray settings (no flicker)
3d car model audi r8 (include chassis), Vray materials and textures
After Effects template (note: does not include tutorial for after effects )


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