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Posted 24 Jul 2014

mclaren p1 free 3d model

McLaren P1 is the new hybrid supercar of the English automaker Mclaren. The concept car debuted at the Paris Salon of 2012,1 and is the highly anticipated successor to the McLaren F1, utilizing hybrid energy and technology of Formula 1. The P1 style is influenced by the McLaren MP4-12 c, but with added body panels to make that car... Continue »
Posted 22 Jul 2014

predator drone free 3d model

Not crewed air vehicle (VANT) or dron is an airship(airplane) that flies without crew. Although there are vant for civilian use newly certified, as the FT-ALTEA, are also used in military applications, where they are called unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV by its name in English. To distinguish the Vant of missiles, a Vant is defined as a reusable... Continue »
Posted 21 Jul 2014

star craft Hydralisk Sculpting free...

The hydralisk is easily the most versatile of Zerg. With the ability strike targets both on land and in the air, do Burrow (once developed), and health regeneration, the Hidralisco is a fairly reliable force. Also with their short incubation times and relatively low cost, they can be produced in massive numbers and overwhelm the enemy. now this week... Continue »
Posted 15 Jul 2014

futuristic weapon free tutorial and ...

Weapons of the future, is a series of American television documentary premiered on April 19 2006 in the chain Discovery Channel. The program is currently broadcast on Discovery Channel and Military Channel. Richard "Mack" Machowicz, former member of the group SEAL of the United States navy, he teaches us the most innovative technologies, intelligent and scary that are being... Continue »
Posted 11 Jul 2014

biomechanoid character free tutorial...

The biomechanoid are a fictional species of alien and is the harmonious fusion of the technique, the mechanical and the creature. The genetic research still has to teach us what is fear.A biomecanoide is a living being with biological parts and mechanical parts. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a living organism capable of reproducing itself whose physiology incorporates... Continue »
Posted 25 Apr 2014

batmobile dark knight cinema 4d Free...

Here we’ll show you how for free how to model one of the best cars ever built as is the batmobile, This car looks like a tank and was designed by Nathan Crowley. In fiction it is a prototype designed by Wayne Enterprises for military use with unique characteristics. For the filming of the above mentioned tapes five units... Continue »
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