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Posted 21 Nov 2014

zombie tutorial CINEMA 4D

cinema 4d tutorials Zombie Infected : .There are many theories out there about how they could exist, failed experiments, the fury of nature … This kind of zombies are potentially dangerous, are not dead, why not think about the myth that they are at risk and that jump or that desangrandolos can be eliminated,to be killed their cells die,... Continue »
Posted 13 Nov 2014

m4 3d model for cinema 4d tutorials

The M4 is an automatic assault rifle, caliber 5.56 mm drive and gas. It was developed by the American company Colt from M16, entering service in 1994. The key shot selector is located on the left side of the weapon, up on the handle, with three functions: safe, simple and burst shooting triple in the model M4A2; and safe,... Continue »
Posted 30 Oct 2014

microscopic and ghostly materials for...

Microscopic materials and ghostly for cinema 4d. This is a gift for all users of cinema 4d Happy haloween Continue »
Posted 29 Sep 2014

iphone 6 free 3d model

Download our iPhone 6 free 3d model , and use it to create your very own project The iPhone 6 from Apple it’s official, it will be released with 2 versions: iPhone 6… The money we spend on electricity charging the iPhone 6 this awesome 3d model l is free for cinema 4d please share !! Continue »
Posted 29 Sep 2014

rock materials pack cinema 4d tutorials

Means the construction of the rock and describes the relationships between the components constituting the rock. ‘Texture’ is determined by the form of the mineral components and by the geometric relationships of them. The main parameters of ‘texture’ are 1. The shape of the grain 2. The granulidad 3 The degree of crystallinity. this awesome pack materilas metal is... Continue »
Posted 08 Sep 2014

free tree 3d model cinema 4d

A tree is a perennial, woody stem, which branches off at a certain height from the ground. The term usually refers to those plants whose height exceeds a certain limit, different according to sources: 2 meters, 3 meters 1, 2 3 5 metros4 or 6 metros5 in mature. this is a free 3d model inlcude materials in cinema 4d Continue »
Posted 27 Aug 2014

Human Anatomy free 3d model

The human anatomy is the science of a practical nature and morphological mainly devoted to the study of the macroscopic structures of the human body; thus leaving the study of tissues to histology and cells to cytology and cell biology. The human anatomy is a special field within anatomy general (animal). Under a systematic view, the human body –... Continue »
Posted 04 Aug 2014


The Earth (Terra, latin name of Gea, greek deity of femininity and fertility) is a planet of the Solar System that rotates around the star in the third orbit more internal. It is the most dense and the fifth largest of the eight planets of the Solar System. It is also the largest of the four terrestrial.The Earth was... Continue »
Posted 28 Jul 2014

pirate ship free 3d model

Piracy is a practice of organized looting or banditry maritime, probably as old as the navigation itself. Is that a private boat or a mutinous state attacks another in international waters or in places not subject to the jurisdiction of any State, with the purpose of stealing your workload, ransom by passengers, made into slaves and many times after... Continue »
Posted 24 Jul 2014

mclaren p1 free 3d model

McLaren P1 is the new hybrid supercar of the English automaker Mclaren. The concept car debuted at the Paris Salon of 2012,1 and is the highly anticipated successor to the McLaren F1, utilizing hybrid energy and technology of Formula 1. The P1 style is influenced by the McLaren MP4-12 c, but with added body panels to make that car... Continue »
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